Published by Al Saikali

June 2012

An interesting new study by CORE Security highlights a disconnect between the boardroom and the IT room in Corporate America with respect to how each view threats to IT infrastructure security.  The study found that, “[m]ore than 60% of CISOs [Chief Information Security Officers] responding said that they are very concerned about their IT systems

Tom Barnett, Managing Director and eDiscovery Practice Leader for Stroz Friedberg, has written an article entitled “What Happens on Facebook Stays on Facebook”.  The article provides a good overview of legislation passed recently by the Maryland legislature, which prohibits an employer or prospective employer from asking their employees or prospective employees

Flying “under the radar” this week as a result of the high profile LinkedIn data breach, was news that the Federal Trade Commission charged two businesses with illegally exposing the sensitive personal information of consumers by allowing peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software to be installed on their corporate computer systems.  P2P software is commonly used