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State Data Breach Notification Laws

Posted in Data Breach, Data Breach, Data Security

In 2005, a company called ChoicePoint, which collected personal and financial information for millions of consumers, was the victim of a security breach.  Criminals stole from ChoicePoint personal information for more than 145,000 individuals.  The floodgates opened and a variety of other corporations and organizations revealed similar data breaches that had resulted in unauthorized access… Continue Reading

Video Interview: Discussing the Global Payments Inc. Data Breach with LXBN TV

Posted in Data Breach, Data Breach, Data Security

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Colin O’Keefe of LXBN TV regarding the recent major data breach involving Global Payments Inc. In the interview, I explain the background of the breach, which impacted all major credit cards, the lessons companies can learn from the breach and exactly who bears the burden—financially and otherwise—of… Continue Reading

Hacking the “Middle Man”

Posted in Data Breach, Data Breach, Data Security

Another massive high profile data breach was in the news this past week. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, as well as other banks and franchises were affected.  Significantly, the breadth of the effect was not a result of separate attacks against each bank, but rather a hacking of one common third-party service provider—Global Payments… Continue Reading

Foreign Economic Cyber-Espionage (Part 3)

Posted in Data Breach, Data Security

This final blog entry in the series about economic cyber-espionage focuses on what, if anything, the government can do and is doing to limit cyber attacks that result in the theft of billions dollars worth of intellectual property and confidential proprietary information. The issue of cyber-espionage is receiving attention from the highest levels of government. … Continue Reading