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Why Every Business Should Care About Florida’s Information Protection Act

Posted in Breach Notification Statutes, Data Breach, Data Breach, Data Privacy, Data Security

My last post described what the recently passed Florida Information Protection Act (FIPA) will do.  This post analyzes how FIPA differs from Florida’s existing breach notification law and explains why those differences will hurt or help companies that maintain information about Florida residents.  Florida’s Governor must still sign the FIPA into law, but his signature… Continue Reading

Everything You Need To Know About Florida’s New Data Protection Law

Posted in Breach Notification Statutes, Data Breach, Data Privacy, Data Security

The Florida Legislature recently passed the Florida Information Protection Act of 2014 (FIPA).  This post describes the FIPA and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages to businesses governed by the new law.  The FIPA must still be signed by the Governor, but the law received unanimous support in the legislature, so his signature is expected.  Once… Continue Reading